Global Food Guidelines… the Practicality Problem.

Wherever one looks around the world, there are food guidelines which purport to help guide consumers to the most nutritious diets.

The similarities are simplicity and broad hierarchies of more desirable and less desirable foods.

From Canada:

Canadian Food GuidelinesCanadian Food Guidelines
To Belgium:

Belgian Food PyramidBelgian Food Pyramid
To France:

French Food GuidelinesFrench Food Guidelines
To Greece:

Greek Food PyramidGreek Food Pyramid
To the U.K.:

U.K. Eatwell PlateU.K. Eatwell Plate
All of these, and many more, have the same limitation of the U.S. Food Plate model

These schemes do not addresses – nor can they realistically address – the fundamental practical issues of effective nutrition.

The challenges of diet planning and food procurement and preparation are, after all, the deepest nutritional dysfunctions, and they are left to the consumer to solve.

There has to be a better way.